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What Clients Say

I was very pleased with their work and found them not only knowledgeable and professional, but also very personable and enjoyable to work with. I assessed them to be diligent and thorough and I know they spent more than a few nights “burning the midnight oil” on my behalf. My former Wall Street firm settled with me after being presented the facts along with potential consequences of going to court as presented by Barak and Michele regarding the clear USERRA violations while I was with them.

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In my opinion Barak Lurie, Stephen Weaver and the entire staff of Lurie & Associates are the finest and most ethical legal team in the Los Angeles area; I highly recommend them. 

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Barak immediately helped me focus on arriving at a settlement. Within three months my case was settled in mediation. I got my life back – as well as the opportunity to put a terrible set of circumstances behind me. Thanks to the help of Barak and his most capable associates, I am now able to move forward and focus on my own productivity so that I can invest my time and effort on profitable future endeavors.

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Great information and facts! I have been hunting for anything such as this for some time currently. Regards!

-Stacy: after listening to the Barak Lurie radio show

At Lurie & Seltzer, we have one goal: Deliver results. Whether it’s prevailing at trial, negotiating a favorable settlement or carefully structuring deals, we constantly strive to put our clients in the best possible position for success.

A few of the successful results we obtained:

  • $2.5 million court decision in favor of a commercial landlord whose tenant failed to honor the conditions of the lease and ultimately defaulted on the lease.
  • $1.65 million judgment in favor of a homeowner scammed by a contractor who took cash up front but did not complete the work
  • $400,000 court decision for breach of contract and fraud in the sale of a business
  • $300,000 settlement in mediation for a business that purchased a defective piece of machinery
  • $300,000 court decision for an investor who was defrauded
  • $200,000+ decision in arbitration for a client defrauded on a precious metals investment deal

Every law firm promises results, but our record speaks for itself. If you are looking for the personalized service of a small firm along with the expertise of attorneys with large firm experience, call us at (310) 478-7788 and let’s talk about how we can help you.

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